Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs Samsung Galaxy S5 Comparison

Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs Samsung Galaxy S5 Comparison

Throughout the year, at the very top, among the leaders of the mobile world, was and continues to be the Galaxy S5 phone. With an unparalleled feature set, extraordinary performance, and a stunning, stylish design, it has gained recognition in today’s mobile technology market. Despite the fact that the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Alpha were made by the same Samsung company, the Galaxy Alpha dominates the well-known Galaxy S5 in its qualities.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs Samsung Galaxy S5 - Comparison

Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs Samsung Galaxy S5 – Comparison

Galaxy Alpha vs. Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy Design

Galaxy Alpha is currently one of the best technological smartphones owned by Samsung, which pushes the Galaxy S5 to a lower level. So Samsung Galaxy Alpha is positioned as a “designer flagship”. With its solid construction, which features a metal side bezel that wraps around the screen and white stripes around the edges, the Galaxy Alpha has become the most attractive model. At the same time, it is very compact and comfortable, which makes it easy to hold in one hand, since its weight and dimensions are smaller. But nevertheless, the Galaxy S5 model, despite the plastic case, has a water-resistant element, unlike the Galaxy Alpha.

Of course, both phones are feature rich, with many of the same features. Such as a heart rate monitor and a rather handy fingerprint scanner that allows you to register on sites with a simple tap of a finger, like a microSD card slot and an IR transmitter.


Of course, the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Alpha are genuine Samsung smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha screen diagonal is 4.7 inches, 720 x 1080 pixels, which gives a fairly clear image Super AMOLED display – this means that the colors on the display are bright, rich, contrasting, and the viewing angles are almost maximum, there is HD- resolution, resulting in more balanced color reproduction than the Galaxy S5. A unique display of black color that allows you to admire it for a long time.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs Samsung Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 has a larger, higher pixel density 5.1-inch 1080 x 1920 Super AMOLED display that delivers richer colors. Both models allow you to choose a color profile for any situation, there is an auto-brightness setting. The display does not fade in the sun and supports operation with gloves. Both smartphones have an ultra-saving mode.

Interface and functionality

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