Acrylic pipe L=300, D=100, d=95…

I decided to use the ones with the ledge.

So it had to be completely ground down.
Power cable.
To install lamps, we use DPS-25F connectors.
… Tighten the last screw.
To disassemble the connector, it is enough to drill hollow rivets in the mounting holes (or just bite off / break off the mounting ears).
The clock is in operation. Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules A fluorescent fluorescent lamp is inserted inside it, the ends of the pipe are crimped with union nuts with gaskets, all wiring is also hidden in sealed pipes and a casing.
Let’s mark the aluminum plate.
The length of the pipe is 300 mm, the outer diameter is 100 mm, the inner diameter is 95 mm.
And in it – already from simple polyethylene.
I strongly suspect that this is due to the reluctance to engage in the manufacture of additional parts of the case, and the sale of finished products is increasing so much – after the watch falls from the table, you will have to buy new ones. Once upon a time, on one forum, I came across such a clock in a case made from parts of a street loudspeaker.
Drilling. The structure is powered by 220 V through an internal transformer.
We find in stock a set of gas-discharge indicators.
Mounting for indicator board.
… and sew the board to it with #40 threads. The total length is 550 mm.
Our M5 nuts are the largest M5 nuts in the world! 🙂 The outer diameter of the thread on the caps is almost 100 mm. Personally, I feel sorry for the indicators, these are not lying on the road now.
The control board is in place.
After staining with nitro enamel.
Titanium endoskeleton of the product.
Their phosphor bronze contacts are designed for through-hole soldering on PCBs. To complete it, it must be equipped with a good body, but this is often a problem.
Conclusion: I think that the case for the lamp watch from this tube is very good.
Marking aluminum, sawing and bending. The image of the numbers is not distorted, and the price of the pipe against the background of the current cost of a set of lamps is quite small. Despite the lack of hard packaging, arrived intact. It is better not to try to insert used gas-discharge indicators into non-native RSh-31 panels – there is a high risk of making the lamps unusable. They are better preserved.
Indicator board on the background of the endoo-frame… High-discharge clocks are not a unique thing nowadays, but for some reason, in most cases, their design can be briefly described with the words “glass made of wood” (however, modern tube amplifiers suffer from the same drawback).
fiberglass blank.
To install the control board, cut out the base from thin cardboard…
This lamp is a long plexiglass tube.
The pipe blew through the mail in less than two weeks. The finished endoost. Unfortunately, with
with an outer diameter of 200 mm – no.
Note: painting at 10 pm under normal home lighting with black paint with a hard brush is a bad idea. The inscriptions on the caps are very relevant 🙂
Inside was a bag of polyethylene foam.
Trying them to the pipe.
I didn’t manage to get such a loudspeaker, but parts of the explosion-proof lamp did. Price includes coupon 47d676:
The finished product.
And two trimmed soft aluminum sheet.
Cut the foil into slices.
… and in the process of being put into place.

The product was provided for writing a review by the store. Making an electronic design is only half the battle. These caps come in at least two types – with and without an annular protrusion. This store has such pipes in two sizes – 200 and 300 mm long.
Trying on lamps. After that, the contacts can be easily shaken out of the housing.
It remains to remove the technological labels from the lamps and install the protective cover.
Protective screens are installed. Making a case for a lamp watch.

Under the cut is an example of an unusual case for the “Nixie Clock” watch, sewing on the microcontroller with #40 threads and the largest M5 nuts in the world.
The pipe is transparent, so without packaging it is almost invisible. I was expecting a rigid cardboard box – the contents are still fragile.
The parcel was packed in a gray polyethylene bag.

Acrylic pipe L=300, D=100, d=95 and its application. End caps are removable for lamp replacement.