Pioneer SE-CL751 . Bass headphones.

The coloring is bright, youthful. You can sit for hours trying to put on a damn elastic band and nothing will work .. Hello. This does not mean that the headphones will buzz with bass on all tracks. Bass headphones.

And she just puts on – you need to turn the skirt inside out, that’s the whole trick. Everything is in order with the middle ones, perhaps it will seem to some that they are overly emphasized, but this is not felt against the background of the bass. Diameter: plug 3.5 mm The Mind refuses to accept that these little ones can be so bass. I got the most bass when the headphones are wired down or up. It is advisable to read the instructions, since it says how to change the ear pads .. Headphones type: Wired About the sound. Cord 1.2 meters of oxygen-free copper Frequency range: 4-25000Hz
There is a slider on 1/3 that regulates the separation of the headphones The main work of the vibrator is when there is a sub-bass component, and this is mainly electronics. Cable length: 1.2 These headphones differ from others in that in addition to the main driver, there is a certain vibrator (bass exciter) that resonates at low frequencies, and the lower the bass, the stronger the effect.
It is quite possible to listen to traditional instruments, especially if the bass gets in the way, you can place the headphones in a different way, which is much easier to do than to achieve this bass.
The earphones have low impedance and high sensitivity, so they will be good for smartphones, MP3 players, tablets and so on. And this is not bubnezh-bass is elastic, with a good attack. The soundproofing is excellent, which means that you won’t need to turn up the volume in noisy places, which is important for your health. To achieve the desired effect, the headphones need to be well installed, twist back and forth. Microphone: no
Headphones are noticeably larger of their brethren due to the extra volume they take up with the vibrator, but they don’t weigh as much as you might expect. The kit includes two pairs of ear pads and a multilingual instruction where there is Russian.
L-shaped plug, gold-plated This one is called the Blue Ocean. While the package was trailing for 1.5 months, by express mail, by the way, POP-SF Express, the goods disappeared from the store shelves. Another advantage of the headphones is that they are completely closed, respectively, strangers will not hear you, though you will hear them too. For me personally, the medium-sized ear pads did not fit, so that the headphones penetrated to the desired depth, I had to wear a small size. Here they will be guaranteed to be satisfied. Pioneer SE-CL751 headphone review. Thanks for
So this contraption does not produce clean notes, but on the contrary adds harmonics, respectively, overtones appear characteristic of a subwoofer, which the main driver cannot physically produce. Therefore, I give a link, but it’s more expensive. High slightly lacks transparency, but I’m already picking on this. Of course, the bass is amazing, especially when you listen to music from a smartphone or an mp3 player.

Pioneer SE-CL751 . Resistance: 16Ω . Headphones were in a branded box. So wear headphones
manufacturer recommends. Specifications